2020 - Class Training

The 49er class has sailors of many standards spread far and wide across the country.  Some are looking for Olympic medals, and other just enjoy sailing the boat.  Currently we have students, couples and father/son teams sailing in the class, with boats of many ages going strong! 
Whatever experience you have, coming along to a class training event or a race weekend is the best step you can make towards spending less time swimming and more time sailing.  Obviously if you are a competent skiff sailor already, there are sailors in the class and the Olympic events that will push you that extra bit.
Who can help? 
The class has a core of committed club level sailors, who  in recent years have got together for some practice and light hearted racing.  In 2020 this will be actively published with the goal of having more 49ers out on the water.  We're a friendly bunch and anyone is welcome - Boat tuning, repairs, technique advice or just some time in the boat in a safe environment, a class event will cure most of your issues.
When does all this happen?
2020 Events calendar will be posted on the website as soon as finalised (See "Events") and all of these will be open to novice sailors. 
Any RYA Olympic rankers will be obvious, and the rest will be local/club competitors like any other class.  New boats are always welcome, and the class sailors will help you out with any questions or advice you need.
Keep an eye on the UK 49er Class Facebook Page 

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